10 Affordable and Safe Travel Destinations for 2019

It’s the beginning of a brand-new year and of course the best moment to plan your travelling agenda for the year. Though travelling is a pleasant activity, budgeting for a travel journey is no fun at all. Luckily enough, there are some wonderful places across the globe worth making the trip at a very low budget. So, get ready as we get on board for the 10 most affordable and safe travel destinations for this new year 2019.

1.      Argentina

Most affordable and safe travel destinations - Argentina

The first thing that comes up to our minds when we think of Argentina is the Tango dance. This famous sensual dance was created in the 1880s in the capital city, Buenos Aires. From then so many other queer tango schools have evolved throughout Argentina. But Argentina is not only famous for its dancing styles, but they also have very prominent renown football players. All football fans have heard about the incredible Diego Maradona. And when it comes to watching a football match in the La Boca stadium, the feeling is just so thrilling and exciting as the crowd is filled with all the excitement and passion in the air. After a good football match, what could be better than a beautifully prepared steak? The amount of cows in Argentina is surprisingly great, you have soo many of them and Argentina is even said to be among those countries in the world which have more cows than the people living there. The Parillas which are steakhouses offers the best steak of Argentina. And if you are visiting Argentina with your family and kids, a stop at the Punta Tombo will certainly amaze your kids as they watch these penguins move around in their funny steps. The sea lions would definitely please your kids too. Sea lions behave just like puppies do, they like to interact with others and play around.

2.      Armenia

Most affordable and safe travel destinations - Armenia

We can believe that paradise somehow exists here on earth because when we get to a place where the food, the water and the physical features are just soo perfect, then what else is lacking to make it a paradise on earth? Before getting into the Armenian food and water did you know that Armenia is one of the smallest countries in the world but yet one of the safest countries too? In terms of criminality, its crime rate is very low. You won’t find any city elsewhere where you can take a walk without worrying about being robbed even at a very late hour of the night. Now going back to what is tasty and delicious, let’s get back to the Armenian food and drinks. Once you find yourself in an Armenian restaurant, don’t hesitate to order a Lavash, Gata, Harissa or Dolma. These are all local dishes very appreciated by many. As concerns the drinks, Armenia also has one of the world’s best and oldest winery that ever existed, located in the caves of the Areni village. Apart from the Armenian cave, there are also lots of other mountainous landscapes with a favourable climate to discover. These marvellous physical features have led way for physical activities such as mountain and rock climbing, paragliding, biking, camping, bungee jumping and  zip lining. During the snowy periods, many tourists come over to for a thrilling skiing experience down the Mt. Ara and Mt. Aragats mountains.

3.      Guatemala

Most affordable and safe travel destinations - Guatemala

Welcome to the town of the most beautiful and deepest lake in Central America. The lake Atitlan of Guatemala has something magical and mysterious in it. The volcanoes and green-clad mountains surrounding it give a very charming colour to Lake Atitlan. One of Guatemala’s other natural beauty landscapes is the Semuc Champey which is actually a little part of the Cahabon River. The exquisite turquoise colour of the water flowing down the Guatemalan waterfalls makes this water park a marvellous place to admire.

4.      Thailand

Most affordable and safe travel destinations - Thailand


If you are visiting Thailand, you can be sure of one thing, your wallet won’t get empty as you visit the numerous and diversified touristic sites of this wonderful Asian country. Every single province in Thailand has something spectacular to visit and experience. From its beautiful beaches at the island of Koh Kradan, passing through the wildlife in central Thailand, not forgetting the Buddhist temples, there is much to discover  and enjoy  in Thailand and that at a very low transport rate when moving from one part of  the country to another, no matter the means of transport you choose. Even at night, you won’t get bored with the reggae and jazz bars of  Bangkok. And since you’ll obviously need to take back home a little souvenir from Thailand, you would very probably be perplexed by the type of markets found in Thailand. While some markets are opened only for eating, others sell just secondhand and very ancient objects. Fans of festivals will certainly enjoy the nationwide Songkran water fight.

5.      Morocco

Most affordable and safe travel destinations - Morocco

Another very fascinating place to visit full of amazing landscapes, tasty food and a wealthy culture is the Arab country of Morocco. We have certainly all heard about the fairy tale the 1001 nights or the Arabian nights. A trip to Morocco will plunge you right into the heart of these Arabian nights. The traditional guest houses in Morocco remind you absolutely every detail about the 1001 Nights fairytale. And the Morrocan luxurious hotels which give every tourist a great view of the Moroccan landscapes is a very enriching experience to come and discover. With the perfect blend of the vivid colours in every aspect of the Moroccan life, be it the houses, the food, the arts, every aspect of the Moroccan life is full of colours.

6.      Laos

Most affordable and safe travel destinations - Laos

In South East Asia, is found another cheap but very attractive country named Laos. Did you ever know that tree houses really do exist? When we were still kids we all played in man-made tree houses but over here in Laos are found the tallest natural tree houses in the world. This jungle of tree houses is inhabited by the endangered species of gibbons which spend their time swinging from one branch to another. The natural show of gibbons in their tree houses is worth the cheap trip to Laos. But the city of Laos is not only about jungles and gibbons. Have you ever been through a cave more than 7 km long? I am sure not, even in movies, no one has ever seen such a thing. So why not come over to Laos and grasp that amazing feeling of riding through a 4,5-miles cave full of glittering rocky emerald on its ceiling. And after that thrilling experience in the longest emerald cave of the world, it is time for a spicy delicious lunch at the borders of a three-tiered waterfall. The wonderful Tad Lo waterfall is surrounded by so many restaurants and guest houses and many tourists enjoy trekking and even swimming in the waters of the Tad Lo waterfall. The natural disposition of the rocks beneath the waters is a pure delight for the eyes, one would not like to miss.

7.      Mexico

Most affordable and safe travel destinations - Mexico

Can you imagine what it feels to be face to face with an elusive blue whale or feel the pressure of a giant grey whale as it swims back and fro just an inch away from you? Nowhere else than in Mexico will you meet such an immense aquarium which is actually the biggest in the world with more than 900 different types of fishes and aquatic animals to see. Besides this gigantic aquarium, you would be marveled by the Hidden Beach of Playa der Amor. What is peculiar about this hidden beach is that the entrance leading to it is an underwater tunnel. What a feeling to go underneath before getting outside at the shores of an isolated lovely beach. You ’ll get a real touch of nature once you take a bath in the sinkhole at the Ik Kil cenote. Another wonderful waterbody you must visit is the sunshine enclave of Baja California. This narrow peninsular runs down to California where so many luxurious hotels are found. You can’t say you visited Mexico without going to Hospicio Cabanas which is one of the world’s most beautiful hospitals ever existed.

8.      Philippines

Most affordable and safe travel destinations - Philippines

As a tourist in the Philippines, you instead feel like one of them. The people are so welcoming. They would even invite tourists to come and share meals with them in their own houses. They are very open to strangers. And another very touching aspect in the Philippines is the presence of the smallest primate the world has ever known. It is called the Tarsier. With its very large eyes and long tufted tail, come and feel the comfort of gazing at an amazing little tree-dwelling creature. The Philippines is also a place of beautiful islands, beaches, and diving spots. And one of the craziest things one could ever think of coming across in his life is a Chocolate Hill. It is called the Chocolate Hill simply due to the fact that there had been in the past a landscape with no vegetation growing on it, just some green grass hills that turn all brown during the dry season and thus giving it a brown colour just like that of chocolate. Beer lovers will ultimately remember their trip to the Philipines because over there the price of all liquor is so low. At only 1 USD you can get yourself a great bottle of the local wine.

9.      Turkey


Walking through the clear blue waters and the white-sand beach along the borders of the Mediterranean Sea is a thing every traveler just has to do. The beautiful beaches of the Butterfly Valley, the Oludeniz and the Kabal found in Turkey, are a little water paradise everyone would love to discover. Contemplating the waters can’t be complete without a good bath in a totally traditional hammam. Once the good body therapy at the hammam is done,  it’s time to feed the body. The combination of the spicy flavours in Turkey gives one of the best results worldwide. The Turkish kebabs, shwarmas, pizzas, bread, and stews are a real delight for the tongue. The Turkish have succeeded in making a very tasty kind of sandwich out of spinach. When we hear about spinach that doesn’t call our attention. But once you’ll taste a Borek, then you’ll start to love spinach.  It’s not just the Turkish food which is a delight, there is also their traditional cigarette commonly known as the Smoking Sheesha Pipe.  These are not just ordinary cigarettes. They are some kind of tobacco water pipes with a very pleasant flavour in them. Even none smokers enjoy the scent and taste of Sheesha.

10. Ukraine

Most affordable and safe travel destinations - Ukraine

As a traveler, if you are in search of a city full of architectural wonders, colourful history and very cheap delicious food, then you should book your flight to Ukraine. Ukraine is among the affordable countries you can ever travel to. Life is so cheap in Ukraine. The food, drinks, transport, and accommodation are very budget-friendly. The city of Odessa is very attractive with its National Opera and Ballet Theater, The Potemkin Stairs and even the Deribasivska Street won’t let you bored. The Primorsky Boulevard surrounded by the shady trees is a nice place to have a walk after visiting the art galleries just nearby. You won’t get fed up with numerous monuments in Ukraine. And a tour to the Zaporozhia will lead you into the historical moments of Zaporozhian Cossacks. At the Equestrian Show, you will learn more about the fightings in the Cossack’s olden days. If you go back without making a stop at the Global Spirits Khortytsa Vodka, then know that you have missed out one of the national pride of Ukraine which is the third largest worldwide vodka seller. And to accompany one of the world’s best vodka is some very tasty spicy snakes. The Purepecha is a highly recommended meal. Did you also know about the two UNESCO World Heritage Sites located here in Ukraine? A stop at the  Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra monastery complex and the grand Cathedral of St. Sophia is a must do when you are visiting Ukraine.



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