10 Days in Tokyo, what to expect?

After spending 10 days in TokyoJapan there are a few things that I was thrilled about. Some things were disappointing.

What I liked about Tokyo (or perhaps Japan as a whole):
1.  Punctuality. Time here means everything and I love it!
2. ‎Outstanding service. Everywhere you go you can expect to be treated with smiles and bows and…
3. ‎No tips expected in return! Japanese overdeliver and don’t expect extras. In fact, they will be embarrassed if you offer.
4. ‎Sense of fashion. People dress here extremely well. High heels for women and suits for men is a standard outfit.
5. ‎Food is great! Even if you are not a fan of Asian food (as myself), you can find American, Middle-Eastern, Italian food and it will be amazing. After my third visit to a restaurant, I stopped checking reviews. Chances to fall on a bad resto are very very low.
6. ‎Japan is safe! If Canada is safe, Japan feels just as twice as safe. I can leave my bags and phones on a table in the coffee shop and no one will even think of touching it.
7. ‎Public transportation is efficient, clean and safe. Overwhelming at first, but this feeling goes away really fast.
8. ‎They have diagonal crosswalks. And it saves so much time when crossing the street. This one is just genius and every country in the world should have those.

What I didn’t like about Tokyo:
1. It is the year 2017 and in Tokyo, you are allowed to smoke just about anywhere. In bars, restaurants, izakayas. This one was very upsetting and unpleasantly surprising.
2. ‎There are no garbage bins in the city. I mean none at all. I ended up carrying my garbage from place to place for hours. Locals say this is a result of a terror attack when an explosive was planted in a garbage bin.
3. ‎Bikes are everywhere, even in the busiest streets and intersections. Most people won’t walk them but instead will try to avoid collision with pedestrians. This would be the most dangerous thing in Tokyo 

Overall a great experience, look forward to visiting Japan again.


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