How to travel 5 countries for under $1000

5 countries for under $1000

Wanted to see either it is possible to travel to five countries for under $1000. And turns out that it is!

Below you will find a full itinerary with direct links to book the flights. The prices might change, but as of today (July 3rd), you can book all these flights and visit five amazing destinations at a bargain price.

First, you will need to book a round trip from Vancouver to Shanghai (from November 24 – December 26):

Now let’s book all the other legs.

On December 1st we fly from Shanghai to Manila, Philippines (book here):

Our next flight is from Manila to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (book here):

The next flight is from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore (book here):

The next flight is from Singapore to Phuket, Thailand (book here):

And now you will fly back to Shanghai where your return flight will depart a day later (book here):

The total for all the flights combined comes to $922 CAD including taxes.


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